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A blog is a crucial way to communicate with customers and peers.

Blogs allow you to post news, updates, and unique offers. This will enable you to be in direct contact with your customers. Customers can comment on articles and specifications to connect with the site. Trust is key to the success of a company so blog websites that are personal in nature help to build trust and credibility.

Berit Globe Limiteds offers the best blog design and service in Dubai.

Key Features of
Blog App development

Commenting box

Commenting is great! Comments sign that your readers are reading your content and engaging with it, which is a great thing for bloggers.


A search bar is a great feature to consider to make your blog posts easy to find.

Post Excerpts

Your blog's landing pages will be unable to handle excerpts. You can include a short introduction to your post with them.

Content formatting flexibility

Formatting content, videos, and photos make your blog posts look better and easier to read.


Categories are essential to organize your blog and making it easy for readers to find what you're looking for.

Social Sharing buttons

Including sharing buttons make it easier for readers to share your posts on various channels and widen your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should blog posts be?

Although there are no exact guidelines, I recommend that you aim for 1800 words. This content will give search engines an idea of the topic and purpose of your post. It is sufficient content to cover a topic in detail. Quality should be the main focus.

How can I get traffic for free?

You can drive traffic for free by using a number of techniques. Start by:

  • Create links to blogs and websites in your niche Search for directories, forums, and other resources if you are a gardening expert. You will find those that are related to gardening. It is important to stay within the same niche as your gardening blog so that the free links are relevant to the same niche. For example, don't link to your gardening blog via a car parts blog.
  • Create a Pinterest Account to drive traffic through Pinterest. Pinterest is a search engine that's free and can drive a lot of traffic without requiring any effort.