Live Streaming App Development in Dubai

You will need a few assets in order to create your own custom live-streaming application development. Although these ventures may not be as robust as others, they can help you grow your streaming business. Live streaming can be a great option for news outlets, TV stations, and sports broadcasting. Berit Globe Limiteds is the best exhibition live-streaming developer organization in Dubai.

Key Features of
live streaming Applications

Tracking in real-time

It makes it easy for users to track their orders in real time for smooth delivery.

Customer Support

Use the chat support and query form in the app to quickly get in touch.

In-built App Wallet

Your users can pay directly for the events through the app using the integrated wallet.

Offers & Discounts

Promo codes, discount coupons, and other special offers can be used to promote your live-streaming app.

Push notifications

Push notifications allow you to quickly update users and event organizers.

Analytics & Report

Track your business’s progress via analytics that collects data and generates reports on campaigns, returns, and sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a live-streaming App work?

Live streaming allows users to stream audio and video to their viewers in real-time. How does a live-streaming app works? A live streaming app receives the audio and video output from your camera and broadcasts it with specific protocols to other viewers.

How do I watch a live stream?

Live video streaming to Livestream can be viewed on most iOS and Android mobile browsers. Open the browser on your smartphone. If you don't know the URL, you can search the web for the event you want.

How do you access live streaming?

You only need an internet-enabled device (like a tablet or smart phone) and a platform (such a website or app). Popular live streaming apps are Facebook Live and Instagram Live stories.