Progressive Web App Development

Berit Globe Limiteds creates cutting-edge web apps that provide a seamless experience and function in a similar way to the desktop or mobile apps. We help you market your business by developing progressive web apps. Our web applications are designed to be seamless and offer a natural experience. Our goal is to maximize user engagement and make mobile apps easily accessible across all platforms.

Key Features of
PWA App development

The Core features

the capability of offline work, discoverability and easy installation, usage of phone features automatic updates, safety, and app-like feeling.

Instant updates

Instant updates unlike in the case of app stores where update deployment takes time.

Cost-effective development

Alternate solutions to reduce the dangerous dependency on Google and Apple, hence cost-effective.

Sharing of PWA Apps

PWA distribution, with its web-like linkability, is way more comfortable, faster, and more accessible than going through the app stores.

Effortless launching

They allow omitting middlemen like AppStore and Google Play and reach users directly through an internet browser.

Add to home screen feature

it is possible to add them to the home screen on a mobile phone or on a desktop computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PWA?

A PWA is a web application that has been developed using web languages like JavaScript and other web languages and Web frameworks.

Is PWA a native mobile app?

No. A PWA looks like a native app, but it is not the same.

In terms of benefits, how does a PWA differ from a native App?

A user doesn't need to download a PWA app from an app store in order to use it. Instead, the user can use it directly over the internet.

A native app will not work in areas without Internet access. A PWA, however, will work in these situations because it was designed to do so.

PWA development is more cost-effective than native apps when it comes to PWA vs. Native apps.