Delivery boy App development

The Delivery Boy App will provide customers with a storefront where they can buy the product they desire. The customer can then place an order directly from this storefront. The orders can then be visible to the admin and assigned to a delivery boy.

The delivery boy will then be able to view and manage the orders.

Key Features of
Delivery boy App


Stay informed: With this feature, both the admin and delivery boy can receive updates about the order.

Delivery boy management

Admin can manage the delivery boy's details and delivery order with an easily accessible app.

Chat communication

With a Chat system, the admin can ask and answer the question of both the delivery boy and the customer.

Live Tracking

Orders can be tracked by the customers which will assure them about a safe delivery process.

Order management

Better branding with managed customer orders. Both the Delivery Boy and Admin can manage the Orders on the store from the app.

Quick order search

The app users that are admin and delivery boys can now apply the search filter in orders to find the desired order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a delivery boy App?

Delivery apps are fast and easy ways to have goods and services delivered right to your door. Many apps offer delivery and pickup at restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets as well as liquor stores.

How do delivery companies manage their delivery boys?

Customers consider delivery boys as company representatives. So it is obvious that companies should manage their delivery boys in such a way that they do not misbehave or talk ill. Customer feedback ratings are the main way for companies to keep the behavior of delivery boys in check.

What is the working of the delivery boy App?

Delivery Boy can choose to set his status to be online or offline. If the admin allows it, the delivery boy will be notified whenever an order has been assigned to him. The app allows the delivery boy to accept or reject an order. If he accepts, he will be able to use the map for directions to the destination.